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Lime – Pleasure and sorrow

Lime – Pleasure and sorrow

Mallorca's extreme water hardness Our island has one of the highest water hardness levels in all of Spain because it consists mainly of limestone. Rainwater flowing through such rock layers absorbs the natural minerals. This is how the so-called water hardness is...

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NOW also in Ibiza and Formentera – WATER AS IT SHOULD BE
Our representative in your region is a professional and specially trained installer of our products.He will give you the best advice and find the right solution for your limescale problem.We specialise in the treatment of drinking water. Water should be filtered as...
Vulcan is not a fake water softener
For 3 decades, our method of water treatment has proven its effectiveness, even if it is still questioned by some. We completely disagree with the publication of the Asociación Española de Empresas del Sector del Agua:...
Water is the most precious thing we have – we should care!
Please watch the video from Greenpeace, it clearly shows the dangers for our water.