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Danger lurks in the dark (2)


by Eva Maria Risse


October 28, 2022

Shortly after the last water column appeared, I received the laboratory results of a water sample of well water from a finca in inland Mallorca.
At first, the document read very well, high pH value and few pollutants. But an extremely high number of bacteria startled me.

On 100 ml of water, 232 Escherichia coli (coliform bacteria) were counted and 4 bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The latter shocked me, because this bacterium is a dangerous hospital germ that is resistant to several antibiotics. (Source Wikipedia)
How do such bacteria get into the water in the countryside?

E coli bacteria can come from both humans and animals. The liquids from septic tanks and the slurry from animal husbandry get into our groundwater.
But how does a hospital germ get into the water?
The Manacor Hospital is only a few kilometres away from this finca. It is conceivable that underground watercourses carry the germ from there.
No matter how… What is important is my recommendation in the last column to have well water tested again and again, and to disinfect the water depots.

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