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Danger lurks in the dark (1)

by Eva Maria Risse

October 7, 2022

There are always water shortages on Mallorca in the hot summer.

The water level of our reservoir in the Tramuntana drops, the municipalities throttle the water supply to the households. Wells on some fincas run dry, water levels drop.

Yes, in some years there is simply too little water coming from the sky. The overload of tourists on our island also reduces the water capacity.

Therefore, water is stored in depots and tanks. Practically every house has a so-called Aljibe.

Storing water in our climate means creating biotopes for all kinds of pathogens. Biofilm develops on the walls and biomass settles on the bottom, which in the long run leads to fermentation.

Regular cleaning of such depots is highly recommended, as well as sterilisation or disinfection of the water.

Water from communal pipelines is strongly chlorinated, the danger of germination is less, but cleaning of the water reservoirs is still recommended.

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