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Ecological water treatment in Marina Santa Eulalia – Ibiza

Descalcificador electronico Vulcan instalado en Marina Santa Eulalia. Ibiza

by Eva Maria Risse

May 25, 2023

The marina of Santa Eulalia is a big step ahead of all other marinas.
The water of the entire marina is now treated by our VULCAN electronic Anti-scale systems.

The port thus protects all its installations from limescale and damage caused by limescale: the pipes, its service taps, the showers of the marina, as well as its toilets and those of the shops.
The marina now offers its yacht customers much softer water, which also protects the yachts from limescale on the inside.
VULCAN helps to save a lot of time, material and therefore money.

Our Anti-scale system VULCAN works purely electronically, without magnets, salts or chemicals.
It requires no maintenance and offers a 25-year guarantee.
So the marina’s investment will soon be amortised.

We congratulate Marina Santa Eulalia for this decision towards a sustainable future, and we thank you for your trust.

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