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for private houses + hotels

Ozone (O³) is a molecule with the highest oxidizing power, which guarantees a high microbiological safety against algae, viruses, bacteria and Legionella 3000 times more effective than chlorine .

Unpleasant smells are eliminated.


ATOMIC 3 OZON generators laboratory test:

Count of the following colonies in water at a temperature of 22°C:

           > Staphylococcus aureus
           > Enterococos
           > Pseudomonas aeruginosa
           > Clostridium perfringens
           > Bacteria, coli bacteria and more … …

         after 30 Minutes = 54 of 100 %
         after 60 Minutes = 100 %

Download Laboratory tests 👉 (here) in Spanish.


Applications and advantages of indoor air ozone generators

Ozone penetrates all crevices, cavities and inaccessible places, as well as mattresses, pillows, sofas, upholstery, carpets and wooden ceilings. What remains is cleaned, disinfected and healthy oxygen, noticeably clean air! Food is not affected.

Anti allergene

Elimination of

            – Germs, viruses, bacteria, legionella, etc.
            – Moths, mites, fleas, insects, flies, cockroaches
            – Fungal spores
            – Smells and Odors
            – Disinfectation of all surfaces

Wellbeing for the body and your lungs.
Ideal for sufferers from allergies!

How does Atomic 3 Aire work?

Atomic 3 Aire creates a calibrated ozone stream that sterilizes the air we breathe and the surrounding surfaces.
It constantly monitors the ozone thresholds, keeps them within the legal limits and creates a fresh and clean environment.

Day treatment: sensor-controlled within the legal limits. Humans and animals can be present.No other device on the market allows this.

Night treatment: programmable shock treatment can be performed if there are no humans or animals in the area.

> low maintenance
> no chemicals needed


Generation of ozone: In compliance with the legal limits, the amount of generated ozone is being controlled by an environmental sensor and an adjustable level.
Ozone calibration device to adapt to room size.
Room Sensor for Security.
Max Volume 200m² per device
Acoustic and flashing warning of a programmable shock treatment cycle
Power: 110 – 230 V | W 12 V
Soze: height 48 cm | width 22 cm
Certifications: CE
Laboratory test from a recognized laboratory in Palma de Mallorca
Installation: quick and easy
Download the flyer 👉 (here)

Wellbeing for your body and lungs!
Ideal for people with allergies!