Eva Maria Risse (General Director – Gerente)

Water is more
(Dr. Masaru Emoto)

This has become one guiding principle of my life!

The main focus of our lives in the 21st century is water. We can see the problems, that our water is already showing us. That is why it is so important to protect our water resources and the environment, because we should also think of our children.

We do not have more water available, than the existing one on our planet. That is why we are working with ecologically friendly water preparation.

Water means life.



We live on the Balearic Islands with a lot of sun and fresh sea air. But we have a low quality of water?
Couldn’t we gain a lot of time, if we would not have to buy tons of drinking water in plastic bottles?
Is it really necessary to depollute so much plastic waste, that we unfortunately also find in the sea and on our beaches.
Can’t we make our life easier and simpler and gain more quality of life? And drink water from the tap without any hesitation?

Based on this ideas, the interior designer Eva Maria Risse, who lives in Mallorca since 2007, founded AGUARIS water preparation in the year 2011.

In the main focus is the preparation of drinking water, the elimination of chalk, as well as the improvement of swimming pool water by using ecologic technology.


You will improve your quality of life with AGUARIS products:

  • No need to buy drinking water
  • no plastic waste
  • no chalk problems
  • no maintenance
  • life can be so easy!

We rely on ecologically friendly products for a good future!

Make more out of your life!

Your Aguaris Team.

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