Natural Pool Cleaning


Clean water and pool

No chlorine. No salts. No chemicals.

100% hygiene – laboratory tested

Ozone (O³) is a molecule with the highest oxidizing power, which guarantees high microbiological safety against algae, viruses, bacteria and Legionella and is 3000 times more effective than chlorine. Ozone leaves no unpleasant residues in the water, e.g. bound chlorine (chloramine).


ATOMIC 3 OZON-Generators laboratory test:

Counting the following colonies at 22°C water temperature:

           > Staphylococcus aureus
           > Enterococos
           > Pseudomonas aeruginosa
           > Clostridium perfringens
           > Coliform bacteria, Fecal coliform bacteria … …

         after 30 Minutes = 54 of 100%
         after 60 Minutes = 100%

Download laboratory tests 👉 (here) in Spanish.

no more algae

Ideal conditions
The ozone treatment automatically keeps the water in your pool at the ideal values ​​without changing the correct pH value. The formation of algae is not possible anymore. No more water changes necessary.
Pool treatment convenient, economical and ecological.

clean natural Pool und Wohlbefinden

  Clean water and pool


Your feeling will be as pleasurable as taking a dip in pure spring water.

The water treated with ozone is unexpectedly crystal clear and transparent because the suspended particles naturally fall onto the pool floor and are easily caught by the filter system.

Bathing creates a pleasant feeling because the usual eye and skin irritations caused by traditional chemical pool treatments do not exist.

The water is now free of organic pollutants and odorless.
Ozone-treated water flatters our skin and is beneficial for sensitive skin as well as for our respiratory tract.

How does Atomic3 AGUA work?

Atomic 3 AGUA generates a calibrated, precisely calculated ozone stream from the ambient air. This is passed through a thin tube through a minimal injection device into the pool system.

The Atomic 3 series ozone generators are equipped with a computer that controls the ozone level using sensors and maintains the programmed parameters in compliance with all applicable regulations.


Atomic 3 generates exactly the amount of ozone that the water volume can absorb in order to avoid unnecessary release into the environment. Ozone replaces all previous chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, flocculants, algae killers and pH correctors.


Ideal water values!
Ozone calibration computerto adapt to your pool volume.
Security System room sensor.
Maximum volume 200m³ of water per device
Acoustic and flashing warning of programmable shock treatment cycle.
Power consumption: 110 – 230 V | W 12 V
Size: height 48 cm | width 22 cm
Certifications: CE
Laboratory tested by a recognized laboratory in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Installation: quick and easy

Download the flyer 👉 (here)

The perfect pool – what is it?

The perfect pool has crystal clear and soft water. If I swallow water, I don’t want to be concerned about chemical agents. I don’t want to have burning, itchy skin and I don’t want brittle hair that is difficult to comb. The water is supposed to flatter my skin and I just want to be able to feel completely comfortable in my pool.

Is that it ?

The perfect pool can be so much more!

No lime crusts in the pool and in the pipe system. No lime automatically means no dirty edges, because dirt and creams settle in lime. Germs and bacteria and the well-known, unpleasant biofilm quickly form.

The combination of latest technology devices enables you to have the perfect pool and a very enjoyable life.


1. VULCAN electronic anti-limescale system keeps the entire swimming pool system free of limescale.

2. AGUA ATÓMICA 3 – OZON generators automatically keep the water within correct value range, so that water remains free of germs, bacteria and algae.