Benefits of soft water


Energy-rich water for health and vitalitiy

Household and business
Domestic appliances: Soft water is easy on washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines, significantly increasing their lifetime. Effective rust prevention!

Save time! Quick and efficient cleaning. No scale build-up on tiles, fixtures, shower cabinets and glazing. Laundry and dish washing Your crockery will be cleaner and shinier. Laundry cleaner and softer. Soft water needs around 50 % less detergent. Savings on de-scaling are up to 80% and reduce environmental pollution. You save time by reducing limescale problems.

gartenGarden and pond
Pure, soft water improves plant growth. Animals also benefit fromhealthy water.

Filtered, alkaline water for healthy bathing, without chlorine-related skin irritation.

Soft water improves the taste of food and drinks. Tea and coffee smell and taste better. Ideal for diluting fruit juice and refreshments and making ice cubes.

Health and beauty
Pure, smooth water is vital for our health and well-being Basic Water with a high pH value and rich in electrons boosts our health. Alkaline water is conducive to good digestion.

duschenShower and Bath
Luxuriate in skin-friendly soft shower and bath water. Relish the feel of soft skin and silky-smooth hair. No more dryness. Soft water is imperative for people with skin problems such as dermatitis and allergies. Reduction of soap and shampoo consumption.