Ionization of water


Electrons are a physical form of energy.

Ionization takes place by redox reaction.
This is an electrochemical reaction,
– by KDF® agent
wherein a reactant electron
transmits to the other.

Water is ionized by electron attachment.

Oxidants (-) :
Redox potential increases
Electrons are EMITTED
>releases energy in the free molecule (Oxidation)


Water with electron-deficient:
= acidic environment
> Water consumption = energy loss
With a loss of energy or electron deficiency
the body does not absorb water

Reducing substances (+) :
Redox potential decreases
Electrons are RETAINED
> storing energy in the molecule (Reduction)


Water rich in electrons:
= Alkaline environment
> Water consumption = energy supply
With energy loss or electron-deficiency
the body uses the water as a power supply.