FAQ Ozone

How does the Atomic3 ozone generator produce the ozone?

The Atomic3 produces the ozone from the ambient air. So the same amount of ozone is released back into the environment.

You do have a laboratory test for water but not for air – why?

The test was done here in the laboratory in Palma de Mallorca for water. The Atomic 3 manufacturer’s laboratory says the same result for indoor air generators applies. In addition, insects, flies, cockroaches and more are eliminated by the indoor air treatment.

How much ozone does an ozone generator produce?

The machine is programmed for the respective room volume that needs to be treated, therefore the amount of ozone required is different. The same applies to the ozone generators for water and indoor air.

How does the generator know how much ozone is needed?

The Atomic computer automatically controls the required amount. That is why ours are Devices a previously unique system that controls itself. In the event of a fault, the Generator turns off automatically.

Can people or animals be present while an ozone generator is running?

Humans and animals can be present during normal treatments. Since the amount of ozone produced is within the legal framework, the device can run during a business operation. No people or animals may be present during shock treatments.

How long does disinfection take?

When you start treatment for the first time, complete disinfection is the case after approx. 1 hour. This affects water as well as air.

What is the maximum volume for treatment with an Atomic3 generator?

An ozone device can treat up to 200 square meters of indoor air. The device should be installed at a height of 175 cm. The ozone is distributed in the air and sinks. However, the movement of air causes the ozone to reach room heights.

What do you do with larger rooms or large amounts of water to be treated?

Several Atomic3 generators can be set up.