Natural Hygiene for your yacht


Sauberkeit für Ihre Yacht

Free from chemicals!!

100% natural hygiene for your yacht

Ozone (O³) is a molecule with extreme oxidation power, which guarantees a high level of microbiological safety against viruses, bacteria and fungi, it is 3000 times more effective than chlorine, and unpleasant smells are also eliminated. Ozone leaves no unpleasant residues in the water, e.g. bound chlorine (chloramine).

ATOMIC 3 OZON generators laboratory test:

Counting the following colonies at 22°C water temperature:

           > Staphylococcus aureus
           > Enterococos
           > Pseudomonas aeruginosa
           > Clostridium perfringens
           > Bacteria, coli bacteria and more… …

         after 30 Minutes = 54 of 100 %
         after 60 Minutes = 100 %

Download the test in Spanish 👉 (here).

Ideal conditions
The ozone treatment keeps the water at the ideal levels, without changing the correct pH. This precludes formation of algae.

Applications and advantages of Ozone generators

1. Indoor air and surfaces
Elimination of mites, moths, fleas, insects, flies, cockroaches and fungi in pillows, mattresses, sofas, upholstery, carpets, cupboards and behind wall and ceiling coverings. Disinfection of all surfaces.

2. No biofilm in water tanks
Sterilization of the tank and water – Elimination of germs and bacteria, hence no biofilm.

3. Pool water treatment
The water treated with ozone is unexpectedly crystal clear and transparent. Bathing creates a pleasant feeling because the classic problems for eyes and skin irritation which are caused by conventional chemical pool treatments no longer occur. The water is now free of organic pollutants and odorless.

reines Trinkwasser
saubere wäsche
sauberer Pool

Water treatment for your yacht

economical, ecological, convenient

The combination of the latest technology enables you to have a very pleasant life:

1. VULCAN electronic anti-limescale system improves water quality. The water becomes much softer. Pipe systems, machines and equipment remain free of hard limescale deposits. Old limestone stocks are broken down. Corrosion protection against pitting.

Vulcan devices are maintenance-free. We offer a 10 year international guarantee.

2. ATOMIC 3 AGUA – OZON generators keep the right water values so that water remains free of germs, bacteria and algae.

Germ-free water tank or pool without biofilm, chemical-free!

3. Drinking water filter systems – for (non-salty) fresh water.

The filters work selectively, directly and quickly and without water loss. The natural pH value is maintained and ensures vital and healthy water.

Undersink systems for the kitchen you are covered for drinking and cooking.

Large filter systems for the whole yacht you can drink from any tap on your yacht.

How do Atomic3 Aire | Atomic3 Agua work??

Atomic 3 produces a kalibrated, exactely calculated ozone stream, from the ambiant air. Via a thin tube this stream is being directed freely into the air or into the pool tube system via a minimal injection point.

The Atomic 3 series ozone generators are equipped with a computersystem which regulates the ozone levels with ambient sensors. The programmed parameters are being secured within all applicable regulations.

Atomic3 produces the exact amount of ozone the amount of water can hold to prevent unnecessary release of ozone into the environment. Ozone replaces all usually used chemicals chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, flocculants, algae killers and pH correctors.


Generation of ozone: In compliance with the legal limits, the amount of generated ozone is being controlled by an environmental sensor and an adjustable level.
Ozone calibration device to adapt to correct room and pool size.
Maximum volume 200m² air | 200m³ water per device.
Room Sensor for Security.
Acoustic and flashing warning of a programmable shock treatment cycle
Power: 110 – 230 V | W 12 V
Soze: height 48 cm | width 22 cm
Certifications: CE
Laboratory test from a recognized laboratory in Palma de Mallorca
Installation: quick and easy
Atomic 3 is the only device on the market that allows people or animals to be present during treatment.
You can download the flyer 👉 (here)