Dear friends of good water,

Water that flatters our skin, and delights our palate! This is what we all wish for!

The water in the Balearic Islands is basically of a very good quality.

It has high levels of minerals and therefore has a high PH grade. Carefully and gently filtered, this water is a positive, alkaline drinking water, which helps our body to gain more vitality.
Only natural minerals allow a pleasantly tasting water, which emphasizes the aromas of coffee, tea and, of course, our food. Our drinking water filter systems provide such a careful water treatment.
Due to the high mineral content in the water, we have to deal with lime problems and deposits.
We can solve these problems simply, effectively, environmentally friendly and cost-effectively for you.
VULCAN, our maintenance-free, electronic Anti-scale system is very successful worldwide, which is proven by international references.

The combination of our water filters with the Anti-scale system Vulcan is the perfect water treatment for your private or commercial needs.
As the exclusive VULCAN dealer for the Balearic Islands we can offer you the best advice and service.
Sincerely, Eva Maria Risse
General Director