Models and Sizes

Vulcan models & sizes

Model Max.
Pipe Ø
Max. Water-capacity Impuls
Vulcan 3000 11/2 3000 l/h 2 x 1m 1
Scale_Rust_vulcan_s10_xsVulcan 5000 2″ 5000 l/h 2 x 1m 1
Scale_Rust_vulcan_s10_xsVulcan S10 3″ 10 m3/h 2 x 1m 3
Scale_Rust_vulcan_s25_xsVulcan S25 4″ 25 m3/h 4 x 2m 5
Scale_Rust_vulcan_s100_xsVulcan S100 6″ 100 m3/h 6 x 4m 5
Scale_Rust_vulcan_s250_xsVulcan S250 10″ 250 m3/h 8 x 10m 10
Scale_Rust_vulcan_s500_xsVulcan S500 20″ 500 m3/h 10 x 30m 10


Product Sizes

The Vulcan impulses treat the water as it flows by. It is important to submit the right impulse strength everywhere in the pipe so that all the water is treated correctly. The impulse should neither be too week nor to strong. In order to provide the exact right impulse strength for your pipe, Vulcan comes in several sizes according to the pipe diameter.


How to choose the right product size
Please check the pipe diameter in the area where you want to install Vulcan.

The maximum water capacity by hour is the amount that a pipe in a certain size can carry in one hour. Most of the times you will not use such high amounts of water. However, in certain peak times, this may be your hourly usage.