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More and more homeowners in Mallorca are opting for the maintenance-free VULCAN

by Eva Maria Risse

February 2, 2024

The Balanguera homeowners’ association in Marratxi has done it as well!

A Vulcan model S10 is being used here, which will keep 12 flats free of limescale problems.
Vulcan also completely removes the old limescale in the pipes and appliances.
Depending on how much limescale is present, this process takes a few weeks or months.
But then the residents of the house will be happy because the pipework and household appliances will be free of limescale.

In this case, a pipe bypass was built by a plumber for the installation of the Vulcan pulse strips, which is only a small additional cost.

The owners’ association is now free of the annoying things that are necessary for the ion exchangers. Ion exchangers are water softeners that work with salt.

The owners now save a lot of time, money and nerves:

– They no longer have to buy salts
– They no longer have to check anything
– You don’t have to do any maintenance
– No need to clean appliances
– You have no equipment damage

VULCAN has a 25-year international guarantee

The only cost after purchase is for a little electricity. VULCAN only works with 36 volts.

Water treatment couldn’t be simpler, or more environmentally friendly and sustainable!

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