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Bravo Hotel ISLA MALLORCA! You reduce your costs in an environmentally friendly way!

by Eva Maria Risse

November 13, 2022

The Hotel ISLA MALLORCA has chosen our Electronic Anti-scale System VULCAN.
We, the company AGUARIS, had offered test units for the whole hotel and after 3 months the hotel management was already convinced.
The hotel in Palma’s city centre has existed for 38 years and has 163 guest rooms.
These are the particular advantages of our ecological VULCAN System:

Previously with conventional salt system 4500 € per season for salt,- without the time for delivery, storage and maintenance of the descaler with salt.

Time for maintenance:
The Anti-scale system is maintenance-free after installation.

Renewal of the pipe system:
The Vulcan Anti-scale system dissolves limescale and rust from all pipes in the hotel.

Increased energy efficiency:
Limescale-free pipes = much lower energy consumption – 1 mm of limescale is 10% energy loss.

Savings in products and time spent on cleaning.
Limescale deposits are a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, such as Legionella. Limescale-free pipes significantly reduce this problem.

Ecological and sustainable:
With VULCAN, no salts or chemicals are used and there is no waste due to water loss or filter changes. Power consumption only 36 volts of electricity, costs approx. 4-6 € per year. Sustainability is already taken into account during production.

The above advantages are valid for at least 25 years, which is guaranteed by the international warranty of 25 years.

This 100% ecological solution for water treatment makes the Hotel ISLA MALLORCA a sustainable reference.

When would you like to benefit from such advantages?

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