Lime Scale – Friend and Suffering

October 7, 2022

Our island has some of the highest water hardness in Spain, because it consists mainly of limestone. Rainwater that flows through such rock layers absorbs the natural minerals. This is how the so-called water hardness is formed, which can be measured by the calcium content.

The higher the water hardness, the more calcium precipitates, i.e. the calcium takes on a crystalline form. Heat plays a major role in this process, among other things. If temperatures no higher than 65 ° are used, then this process is slower.

Lime consists of calcium and magnesium, – two minerals that have a positive effect on the heart, muscles and bones in the human body.
But what is good for people, on the other hand, leads to the unpopular lime problems.
Now it is clear why Mallorca “freezes” from lime!