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Limescale in the pool is really not nice


by Eva Maria Risse


June 23, 2023

Crystal clear pool – that’s what we like.

But limescale in the pool is really not nice!

When limescale clings to the pool walls, you can see it immediately at the waterline.
Limescale attracts creams and dirt and is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
Limescale clogs the jets, the pump, the pipes, in short, it causes serious problems that cost us a lot of work and money.
Only with a lot of effort and harsh or chemical agents can limescale problems be brought under control.

Put an end to it !
German Impulse Technology helps to keep the entire pool system limescale-free.
The environmentally friendly VULCAN anti-limescale system is absolutely maintenance-free and requires only 36 V of electricity.
You reduce chlorine and pH agents by up to 25% and cleaning agents by up to 50%.
You save a lot of work and time.

After installing VULCAN, you can enjoy your pool and the summer in peace.


Our Electronic Anti-scale system VULCAN S25 is installed in the pool system of the Hotel Agrotourismo Possessió Binicomprat in Algaida/Mallorca.

The VULCAN electronic anti-limescale system is not only suitable for pools or swimming pools.
It is an effective descaling system for all projects and sizes, such as apartment complexes, private houses, hotels, restaurants, solar systems, irrigation systems and much more.

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