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New spectacle in Event Finca SON AMAR!

by Eva Maria Risse

February 3, 2023


now glows in Mallorca’s most spectacular restaurant.

It is not a volcano as you imagine it!
No, it is quieter, does not glow as intensively, but is by no means less spectacular!

The VULCAN electronic anti-limescale system “melts” limescale.
It even does not stop at limescale in old pipes and blasts them into tiny pieces until the pipes are clean.

House of SON AMAR has recognised this.
Therefore, lime in the water is no longer an issue in this property.

The main water pipes from the kitchens, bars and sanitary facilities now carry soft water.

  • Benefits of soft water mean savings on detergents and chemicals.
  • Equipment damage due to limescale is reduced, as is corrosion.
  • Decalcification 100% ecological… if that’s not special ?

Innovative as SON AMAR is, it is now taking an innovative, ecological approach to water treatment.

German technology that offers a 25 year guarantee speaks for itself!

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