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NOW also in Ibiza and Formentera – WATER AS IT SHOULD BE

by Eva Maria Risse

December 14, 2023

Our representative in your region is a professional and specially trained installer of our products.
He will give you the best advice and find the right solution for your limescale problem.
We specialise in the treatment of drinking water. Water should be filtered as gently as possible to preserve its
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In general, the water in the Balearic Islands is very good as long as it is not too salty.
The water has a very high pH value, often up to 9, which makes it very valuable. The pH value provides information about the mineral content of the water. Only water with natural minerals has an excellent flavor and, of course, so do all the dishes that are prepared with it (read more about this on our website).
The calcium content of all our islands is very high and this causes the well-known limescale problems.

Everyone knows it!
Unpleasant limescale deposits form very quickly on all surfaces, even as soon as the water flows out. It settles everywhere in pipes, machines and appliances, and pipe bends are particularly quickly clogged with limescale.
This problem can only be solved by laborious cleaning and the use of acids and other chemical agents.
In contrast, our islands still mainly use ion exchangers that require intensive maintenance. These are descaling agents that use salts to change the calcium. This wastewater has long since become a problem on our islands.
The Balearic government is already considering ways to stop this increasing salt content in our soil and groundwater.

We have the simplest and most environmentally friendly solution to get these problems under control:
the electronic anti-limescale system VULCAN

German technology makes it possible to treat any size of project against limescale problems, requires only 36
volts of electricity and is completely maintenance-free.
Any project size?
– Yes, the Vulcan effect works up to 2 km in the pipework.
– There are VULCAN devices that can treat projects up to 1 metre in diameter.
And that’s not all!
VULCAN offers a 25-year international guarantee.
We say: Install and enjoy life!
You don’t have to think about anything, you don’t have to check anything, you don’t have to buy kilos of salt
bags and laboriously fill them into the ion exchangers, you don’t have to maintain anything….
It couldn’t be simpler!
And your conscience …..well that’s good too.
Ecological and sustainable water treatment – now also in Ibiza and Formentera !!!

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