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pH value and its importance for Mallorca

by Eva Maria Risse

November 26, 2022

The pH value is a measure of acidic or basic character of liquids, as well as the water.
This liquid part of our island Mallora has a very good quality almost everywhere.

The mineral content is very high and so is the pH, which varies depending on the region.
This high pH is responsible for the exceptionally high water hardness in Mallorca, Ibiza. We know particularly high values from water samples of our customers in Menorca.

The higher the water hardness, the higher the Limescale formation.
Lime is a big problem on the Balearic Islands, but also on the Canary Islands.
And what is lime (chemically calcium carbonate)?
Limescale in water consists of calcium and magnesium. These are minerals that have a healthy effect on the human body.
On the one hand, this is good for humans, but on the other hand, it quickly becomes a problem because lime is deposited in pipes and machines or on surfaces around the house.

With a pH value of 9 and more, for example, Mallorca, we have healthy, alkaline drinking water that helps our body to be more vital.
These and many other natural minerals contained in Mallorcan water allow water to taste very good and enhance the flavors of café, tea and food.
Unfortunately, there are also some pollutants in the water, such as toxic lead and also Coli bacteria. In municipal pipelines it is often strongly chlorinated.

Drinking water on Mallorca means that it has to be treated.
Gentle filtration allows us to retain these valuable, natural minerals.

Mallorca water – especially valuable!

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