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Problems with hard water and problems with limescale and rust

Resistencia con cal

by Eva Maria Risse

June 8, 2023

Problems caused by scale and rust

• Blocked piping system
• Loss of water pressure due to a reduced pipe diameter
• Rust accumulation in the pipes that may lead to corrosion
• Bacterial growth in pipes carrying drinking water
• Repeated repairs or replacement of household appliances
• Replacement of the whole piping system
• Loss of energy in the hot water circuit and high costs for heating
• Scale covered surfaces in bathroom and kitchen
• High cleaning costs and the need of aggressive cleaning agents
• Malfunctioning machinery
• High production costs due to maintenance
• Long pauses in production when machinery has to be maintained
and cleaned  leading to inefficient production planning
• Decrease in productivity

Rust – the common problem with scale

Unfortunately, scale deposits also attract other unwanted substances
which again create even more problems and threats:

The main components of scale are calcium and magnesium.
This would lead us to believe that scale deposits have a white color.
However, most scale deposits are brown.
As soon as scale deposits build-up, iron and oxidized iron particles become embed into the scale.
This also means that rust is firmly attached to the pipe which causes a serious threat to the pipe by pitting corrosion.

Bacterial growth – the side effect of scale

Scale deposits are also perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms.
As the deposits have an uneven, rough surface, these little sockets are a perfect hide-out for bacteria to nest in.
Whether in cold or hot water, you will always face an increase in potentially dangerous bacteria growth on the scale

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