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Instalación descalcificador sin mantenimiento Vulcan

by Eva Maria Risse

December 25, 2022

Our customer in Puigderrós (Mallorca) decided to install the eco-efficient electronic Limescale protection system VULCAN.

He had a lot of limescale in his house and was looking for a good solution for these problems.

At first he thought of a water softener what works with salt. But this is expensive, because it uses permanently salt and requires a lot of maintenance.

Then our customer got to know our Anti-scale system VULCAN, which has special advantages:

  • it is very easy to install on any kind of pipes

  • 100% free of salt and chemicals

  • 100% maintenance-free

  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • 25 years international warranty

It is now installed in his home and helps in the simplest way against all limescale problems.

Our customer has nothing to check, nothing to buy, nothing to refill, no maintenance to perform,

….. life can be so simple!

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