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Your exclusive Vulcan partner for Balearic & Canary Island

Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust.

The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology is based on the principle of physical water treatment. Special electronic impulses change the crystallization process of the liquid calcium.

This way the hard scale loses its adhesive power. The technology works exclusively with capacitive electric impulses:

Your eco-friendly solution to limescale and rust problems

• No salts or chemicals
• No maintenance
• 100 % Magnetism-free
• For pipe diameters up to 40″
• Works on every pipe material
• International 10-year warranty
• Quality – Made in Germany

The Eco-Friendly Anti-Scale System

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Vulcan Anti Scale System Application Areas:
Apartments, Car wash, Chalets, Clinics, Cooling towers, Commercial buildings, Gastronom & Supermarkets, Gardening, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial, Farming, Fountains, Fincas, Laundries, Maritime, Private homes, Restaurants & Kitchens, Schools&Colleges, Solar and Heating, Stadiums,Swimming pools, Well Water,




Choose the right Vulcan for you:

Choose the right Vulcan Anti-scale system for you:

The Vulcan triple effect:

Vulcan reduces scaling on surfaces

Vulcan sanitizes the piping system

Vulcan protects against rust and corrosion

Vulcan modifies the crystallization of the calcium. The scale loses its adhesive power and is washed away with the water as a fine powder.

Vulcan carefully dissolves existing incrustations in the piping system. Only a thin protective layer remains in the pipe.

Vulcan generates a controlled electrophoresis process, which produces a protective metal-carbonate layer. It acts as protection against rust and corrosion.

The Vulcan triple effect:

The easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

Vulcan is designed for easy Do it Yourself installation. Unlike water softeners, which incur expensive installation costs, the Vulcan is completely D.I.Y, which means no installation costs. The Vulcan is easily installed in 15 minutes no tools or pipe cutting are required.

Installation Notes

For optimal water treatment Vulcan is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply.

The impulse bands can be wrapped around the pipe to the left, right or underneath the device. Note – Leave a distance of at least 1cm (min ~1/2’’) between the two impulse cables.

Vulcan functions on any angle. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or at any other angle. Vulcan can also be wall-mounted if there is no space available on the pipe.

If you cannot fit the impulse bands directly on the pipe, they can be partly wrapped around the main pipe and the distributor pipe.

All these different installations are possible as the impulses are sent several meters around all sides of the pipes.

Download Vulcan anti-scale system installation instruction

Buy the Vulcan anti-scale system

Please contact us here, to get a quote on the Vulcan descaler system in the Balearic Islands. A customer representative will be happy to assist you
( Aguaris S.L. Licensed Vulcan dealer Balearic Islands and Canary Islands )

Vulcan Models and Sizes

Vulcan 3000 1 1/2 "3000 l/h 2 x 1 p1
Vulcan 5000
2 "8000 l/h 2 x 2 p1
Vulcan S10 3 "15 m 3/h 2 x 3 p3
Vulcan S25
4 "30 m 3/h 4 x 3 p5
Vulcan S50
5 "70 m 3/h 4 x 4 p5
Vulcan S100
6 "120 m3/h 6 x 4 p10
Vulcan S150 8 "180 m3/h 6 x 8 p10
Vulcan S250
10 "350 m3/h 8 x 10 p10

Vulcan S500
20 "800 m3/h 10 x 30 p10
Vulcan X-Pro1
30 "unlimited 12 x 25 p10
Vulcan X-Pro 2
40 "unlimited 12 x 50 p10

Quality made in Germany

• Over 40 years of experience in physical water treatment
• International 10-year product warranty
• Available in more than 70 countries
• Tested by independent institutes
• cULus, TÜV Nord and CE certified