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VULCAN anti-scale system guarantees satisfaction

Instalacion descalcificador sin mantenimiento en Palma -Comunidad J Massanet Moragues

by Eva Maria Risse


April 16, 2023

Big buildings and apartmentblocks have severe limescale problems due to long pipes and high water hardness.
Very quickly, the pipes are full of limescale, and then the water arrives in the flats with much less water pressure.

This can only be overcome by repeatedly clearing the pipes with a lot of chemicals or by using a descaling device. The latter requires a lot of maintenance, a lot of salt and generates constant costs.

The VULCAN electronic anti-limescale system, on the other hand, is much simpler.
It needs no maintenance, only 36 volts of electricity and will live for a very long time, as it has a 25-year guarantee. And it works very effectively.
It not only prevents the formation of limescale, deposits and incrustations. Yes, it even cleans the entire pipe system up to 2 km in length.

It is German technology that provides satisfaction time and again.
Many people worldwide trust in it.
Here is the installation of VULCAN in an apartment building in Calle Massanet i Moragues, Palma de Mallorca, whose residents have already been among our satisfied customers since August 2022.

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