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Vulcan is not a fake water softener


by Eva Maria Risse


November 6, 2023

For 3 decades, our method of water treatment has proven its effectiveness, even if it is still questioned by some.
We completely disagree with the publication of the Asociación Española de Empresas del Sector del Agua: https://aquaespana.org/es/blog/advertencia-sobre-falsos-descalcificadores
The VULCAN limescale protection system is a unique and guaranteed sustainable solution that has been certified by all the major institutes in Germany.
VULCAN is high-tech that works with high-frequency capacitive pulses (electrophoresis). This makes it independent of flow speed and water hardness, and it works absolutely reliably and ecologically.
The manufacturer CWT in Berlin offers a 25-year international guarantee, which not only testifies to the quality of the devices but also to their longevity and therefore sustainability.
This technology enables the successful treatment of any size of project against limescale. There are devices that can treat pipe diameters of up to 1 meter.

This has been proven by countless projects worldwide in the industrial and hotel sectors and many other applications, see https://www.cwt-vulcan.com/reference/
It is sad and shameful that in these times of water scarcity and water pollution, companies and individuals in Spain are still using a technology from 50 years ago: Ion exchanger (salt-based watersofteners).
It is true that they reduce or remove the calcium content of the water, but at what cost? In many countries this is even prohibited or restricted.

The minerals calcium and magnesium contained in water are useful and important for the body.
What is harmful is limescale, which causes cracks, blockages and all kinds of other problems that are associated with high costs.
Thanks to this new technology for physical water treatment, it is possible to prevent the pollution of our planet.
In fact, there are devices on the market that do not fulfil the physical requirements for effective treatment, but this does not mean that the treatment technology itself is useless and does not work.
For 3 decades now, this type of treatment has proven its effectiveness, even if it continues to be questioned by some.

I leave you with a report by the engineer doctor Hartmut Jünke on these treatments


Our world no longer has much to lose, let’s help it!
We stand behind our product, which we successfully represent in the Balearic and Canary Islands.

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